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Friday, May 26, 2006

Long Time No See

Had a dream last night that there was this fish that was a delicacy. I was a chef, both on and watching a cookery programme (you know that whole not being wholly in one place thing in dreams). The fish was cooked from live. you could either microwave it (the microwave she used looked oddly like a toaster), but that was considered a waste of a delicacy, or boil it alive. The fish generally lived for about 3 days in the wild, but also lived out their lifespan if in boiling water- although they felt the pain continuously. If you kept it in boiling water, it's skin came off revealing the flesh beneath which was the bit you ate. You could peel off the flesh and eat it, and it grew back. I hated the woman doing the cookery programme, as she was keeping these fish boiling alive for their whole life (short as it was).

Also, if you find a website for a band called Brad Sucks, you can download their album. Have only listened to one track-"Dirtbag", but it is a rather spiffy track and comes recommended. I'll try and dig out the link for y'all.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Movietyme Movielongtyme

I just wanted to take this moment to tell you about grief I am having with an online film retailer, On 18.03.06, I ordered a present for my brother. It has not yet arrived. I have now sent my third email to them, but with no response. Not even a simple 'we're looking into it'. I have previously ordered from them without (much) difficulty, but this is a joke. To top it off, my brother has an outstanding order that has been even longer! I'm awaiting a response to my third email, but I don't expect to hear anything. In short Movietyme, you suck! All it takes is a second of your time to respond...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Beard Watch Day X

Y'know, growing a beard has had an unfortunate side effect. I now cannot pass a mirror without checking to see how it's coming on. This is not due to vanity on my part, just monitoring progress. Constantly. Like at work, I'll go the toilet and, on the way in, have a quick look. I'll do what needs to be done, and moments later, as I'm leaving, I'll check again. LOOK, STUPID, IT'S NOT GOING TO HAVE VISIBLY GROWN IN THE TIME IT TAKES TO PEE! Ahem.

Films. Films, films, films... Watched the remake of the Fog. Sucks. What's the point? Was like a TXT generation friendly version of the far superior original (one of the first horror films to scare me as a pre-teen). Watched the latest Harry Potter. Hadn't bothered with the others, was entertaining enough, but nothing special. Will probably watch the others if they're on, but wouldn't go out of the way to.

Wolves lost. Hoddle said it wasn't a must win game. When you're outside the playoffs having played one more game than the 6th placed team, every f'in game is a must win game. Unless, of course, you don't give a good Goddamn about what division the team is playing in next season. BOOOO! Hoddle out!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


No weird dreams behind the goldmine tonight. Was thinking about how my discussion of work yesterday was a paranoid rant... until, someone asks me something, I tell them, and I hear them on the phone asking someone else the same freaking thing!

On , I have put up a new picture, fact and review of the excellent Dead Man's Shoes. Still need to finish the map, which should be done over the weekend, as well as doing a world cup special version. Depending on how the world cup map works out, might do a Championship one. Would like to work out how to pull data from an external source to fill it in, but I'm not sure it would work with a flash document (at least not with my limited knowledge.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Clocks Don't Change Abroad

Had one of my freakiest dreams ever last night. I had to press the button that would commence the apocalypse (as in the full blown religious one). As I pressed the button in the dream (it was in a hole in the ground covered by a paper membrane), we had a power cut in my street in real life. As you can imagine, this totally freaked me and I spent several minutes trying to absolve my sins. Not sure if I was sincere, whether it was the realisation that there was a God, or if I meant it.

When I got back to sleep and started dreaming again, there was a kind of continuation... I had paid £100,000 to join this commune that said that if people joined, they would be assured a place in Heaven (like a Heaven's Gate sort of thing). It was in the Pacific somewhere. Very idyllic, the housing was straw huts. Then, we were moved into a kind of bunker. The only person I remember being part of the party was an Eastern European guy, who was very devout- he'd given up everything to be there. It turned out that Bill Gates was the ruler of the organisation and he was starting a dictatorship. We were to be slowly brainwashed to be his workers. There was a disaster- an earthquake in India. We went to help the aid efforts. I felt really happy when I dug out a small child, although I was upset that he had suffered brain damage as a result of oxygen deprivation. However, I realised (I don't know how), that Bill Gates was causing these disasters (as part of the apocalypse) and also using them to make himself look good. I tried to convince the Eastern European guy (who was a really honest and caring individual), but he believed too strongly. I decided to take matters into my own hands and went to visit Bill Gates in some form of large control room, where he was suspended at the top of a shaft, gun in hand. I aimed at him at pulled the trigger. However, he was protected by a personal forcefield of some variety. He just laughed at me. His top devotee dragged me away, first of all saying that my punishment would be slow and tortuous, then that it would be quick and painful. Bill Gates laughed and said that he knew a more horrible way of punishing me. He did this by killing the child I had rescued. The Eastern European guy became aware of this and became desperate to kill Gates. He was basically broken by having his faith and raison d'etre destroyed and was over eager. I told him to be patient and cautious. I think Gates knew that the people were against him, but I couldn't think of a way of killing him. It was at this point I awoke.

I'd like to get some of these dreams analysed... I think...

Monday, March 27, 2006

Bloody Wolves

Oh come on... every time you start to think that things are starting to look up, they slap you right in the mush. Damn you Wolverhampton Wanderers... Damn you all to hell...

If you haven't gathered, Wolves lost. 3-0. To Sheffield Bloody Wednesday.

Beard wise, things are starting to look better. I am, however, thinking of using my hair clippers to prune it back a bit. Like gardeners do, to see if it thickens out a bit. I keep intending to take pictures, so I can monitor it's growth, but I always forget.

Spoke to a friend I haven't seen for aaaaages yesterday, which was a pleasant surprise. Even more pleasing is the fact that he should be joining me for a beer tomorrow.

BTW, here is the current list of keyword searches for :
Dabnorfish (which is kind of odd...)
Big Trak for Sale
Can I See the Movie of Henry 8th Now
Banana Pictures Kids
Amusing Photos of Henry 8th
Revolver Quotes from the Beginning of the Film
Picture of the Skull
Skulls Pictures

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Beard Watch, Day... erm...

So, I haven't counted the days from when I decided to grow a beard. Maybe I should have. I think it's about two weeks. My beard's pretty rubbish at the moment. Where it joins from the moustache to the top of my beard at the corners of my mouth, it's both light in colour and thin, so it kind of looks like beard and moustache are seperate. Still, I'm going to hang on in there and see how it goes. It itches like a bastard though.

My friend's four year old daughter drew a picture of me. What's cool about it is that she's got my hair right. She also spelt my name correctly. I may upload it at some point, I don't know.